Job Roles
Responsibilities :
  • Design aesthetically pleasing and captivating content for websites, social media postings, and digital marketing initiatives.
  • Work together to comprehend the needs and goals of the project with the web development and marketing teams.
  • Create and preserve a unified brand identity for use on a variety of media.
  • Keep abreast of emerging technologies and design trends to guarantee innovative and powerful visual communication.
  • Within the allotted period, provide multimedia content, images, and graphics of the highest caliber.


  • demonstrated expertise as a graphic designer in a web design or digital marketing context.

  • expertise with design software that is widely used in the business, such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

  • Impressive portfolio displaying a wide variety of creative and design efforts.

  • knowledge of responsive design ideas and web design principles.
  • Good interpersonal skills and the capacity to collaborate in a hectic setting.
  • meticulous and with a strong sense of aesthetics and coherence in design.
  • It is preferred to have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, visual arts, or a similar discipline.
Responsibilities :
  • To choose the target words for website optimization, do in-depth keyword research.
  • Use on-page SEO techniques, such as content optimization, header tags, and meta tags.
  • Determine opportunities for improvement by using tools like Google Analytics to analyze the performance of your website.
  • To guarantee that your SEO tactics are successful, keep up with industry developments and search engine algorithms.
  • Work together to improve and optimize website content for search engines with content authors.
  • Create and implement link-building plans to raise the authority and search engine rankings of your websites.
  • Track and report on important SEO data, offering analysis and suggestions for ongoing development.
  • Analyze competitors to find opportunities and dangers in the digital market.


  • a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a similar discipline.

  • a track record of success in digital marketing roles like to SEO analyst or equivalent.

  • proficiency with SEO tools, including Moz, SEMrush, and Google Analytics.

  • strong comprehension of ranking variables and search engine algorithms.
    strong analytical abilities and the capacity to understand data and produce insights that can be put to use.
  • outstanding communication abilities for working with multidisciplinary teams.
  • familiarity with HTML, CSS, and the fundamentals of website creation.
  • meticulous and focused on meeting deadlines in a hectic setting.
  • a mindset of constant learning to keep up with best practices and developments in the business.
  • SEO or similar field certification is advantageous.
Responsibilities :
  • Create and put into action social media strategy to increase brand awareness and interaction.
  • Produce and select interesting material for a range of social media channels.
  • To improve campaigns, track and evaluate social media performance indicators.
  • Work together with cross-functional departments to match marketing objectives overall with social media initiatives.
  • Keep up with market developments and suggest creative strategies to optimize the influence of social media.


  • a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or a similar discipline.

  • demonstrated expertise in running social media accounts for customers or brands.

  • proficiency with analytics and tool management for social media.

  • strong communication skills, both in writing and speaking.
  • a creative attitude and the capacity to produce interesting, shareable material.
  • knowledge of SEO, website design concepts, and current developments in digital marketing.
  • Capacity to cooperate in a team and adjust to a fast-paced setting.
  • Proficiency with graphic design tools is advantageous.
Responsibilities :
  • Provide interesting and pertinent content for email newsletters, blog posts, social media updates, and website copy for use in digital marketing initiatives.
  • Work together with the design team to provide visually appealing material that complements the company’s marketing goals and brand.
  • To ensure that content is competitive and fresh, conduct rigorous research to stay up to date on industry developments, rivals, and target audience preferences.
  • Improve online presence and organic traffic to the business website by optimizing content for search engines (SEO).
  • To guarantee the timely delivery of excellent content across several platforms, manage content calendars and schedules.
  • Track and evaluate content performance indicators, then use the results to fine-tune and enhance content strategy for more conversion and engagement.


  • a track record of success in a content creation or related function, ideally in a digital marketing or website design setting.

  • Excellent editing and writing abilities with a strong attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of syntax, punctuation, and style.

  • knowledge of SEO best practices and the capacity to strategically use keywords in content.

  • competence with content management systems (CMS) and a foundational understanding of HTML.
  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork abilities to collaborate and communicate with cross-functional teams.
  • a creative mindset with the capacity to come up with novel ideas and adjust to changing market trends.
  • a portfolio exhibiting various content production initiatives together with their effects on audience involvement and corporate goals.
Responsibilities :
  • To create professional, interesting content for a variety of digital marketing campaigns and internet projects, edit and put together unfinished video material.
  • Work together with creative teams to comprehend project specifications and guarantee that the visual narrative reflects the brand’s messaging.
  • Keep up with industry developments and apply creative editing methods to raise the general caliber of video content.
  • Organize and manage video content to guarantee effective processes and simple access for later usage.
  • Deliver excellent video material that satisfies project objectives and timelines by collaborating closely with the marketing and creative teams.
  • Refine and enhance video editing procedures on a constant basis to maximize effectiveness and uphold high production standards.


  • demonstrated expertise as a video editor and a solid portfolio of imaginative and powerful work.

  • proficiency with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or other programs for editing videos. and others.

  • Proficiency in digital marketing principles and the capacity to convert marketing goals into visually captivating narratives. 

  • knowledge of website design principles and the capacity to smoothly incorporate video into online platforms.
  • Excellent creativity, attention to detail, and teamwork skills in a deadline-driven, fast-paced work environment.
  • Strong communication abilities for working with cross-functional teams and successfully communicating original ideas.
  • familiarity with the formats, distribution techniques, and compression of videos for a range of web platforms.
  • The capacity to adjust to changing trends in digital marketing, web design, and video editing.
Responsibilities :
  • To accomplish client goals, plan, carry out, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across several platforms.
  • Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the campaign, including suggestions and insights for further development.
  • Work together with the creative team to create engaging landing pages and ad creatives.
  • Keep abreast of changing market conditions and new advertising technology to increase the efficacy of your campaigns.
  • Oversee client interactions and communication to make sure their advertising objectives are fulfilled.


  • a track record of success in digital advertising, with an emphasis on social media, display, and PPC advertising.

  • adept at utilizing advertising networks like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and others.

  • strong analytical abilities and the capacity to understand data and draw conclusions that are useful.

  • knowledge of website design concepts to match advertising campaigns to the visual appeal of websites.
  • exceptional client management and communication abilities.
  • current understanding of best practices and developments in digital marketing.
  • a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, or similar discipline.
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